Between the People and the Populists: Safeguarding Judicial Independence in a Changing World

Fritz Edward Siregar


This article examines the impact of social media on the dissemination and influence of populist ideology, as well as the strategies populist movements have employed to erode the independence of the judiciary, including public resistance, constitutional amendments, and the expansion of the judiciary. This article analyzes strategies and solutions designed to preserve and safeguard judicial independence. The in question strategy includes strengthening the legal and institutional framework, cultivating a culture that upholds the supremacy of law, increasing judicial accountability, and encouraging collaborative dialogue between judicial institutions. This paper employs a case study methodology to examine the resistance of the judiciary to populist pressures in South Africa, Colombia, and Indonesia. This article’s conclusion demonstrates that the court faces a dilemma between the importance of maintaining judicial independence from populist interests over legal requirements and the necessity of popular opinion for public legitimacy. In the context of populism, this is a challenge for judicial independence. Therefore, this paper encourages collaboration between academics, practitioners, and policymakers to safeguard judicial independence in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly developing world.


Constitutional Court; Judicial Independence; Populist Movement; Public Support

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